Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunny Days.....Everything is A-OK :)

First, I wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful people that posted and emailed me about the JERK bus driver. Curly called the next day and filed a complaint with the head of transportation. I couldn't do it because I was WAY too emotional and would have jut blubbered on the phone. They were appalled and even the regular (and NICE) driver apologized for his actions. My sweet friend Ruthanne wrote an awesome social story that we are now reading to Logan. I've also pulled out the old ones on appropriate bus behavior.

The weather here in Cleveland has been A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Curly took the day off on Friday and we worked in the yard together. Ahhhh, we have so much to do and are both horticulturally challenged (can I get an IEP for that???). My dad, who is one green thumbed dude, came over and helped Curly take down a tree that had roots that were starting to foul up our stamped concrete patio that we had put in a few years ago. I was inside with my mom and the kids and I heard Devon say "PaPa Monkey". I looked outside to see my dad IN the tree. No, he was not wearing work boots but Birkenstocks.
Doesn't it look like Curly is flying a kite here?? Nope. Just making sure that the tree landed in the yard and not on our roof! LOL Thank goodness my dad was over to direct this deal or we would be filing a claim with our home owner's insurance company right about now! LOL
So pretty in her dress :) She can wear them now that she is walking. It's too hard when they are crawling because they get all stuck and jumbled up.
OK, this is a close up of my son wearing nail polish (yep you read that right!) as lip stick. I polished my toes for literally the 1st time in months so I could wear sandals without being mocked by the fashion police. I made the mistake and left it on the kitchen counter. Curly walked in to seeing Logan applying it to his lips and saying "Look Daddy. I'm pretty!".

Mommy's sunshine sweetie :)
Logan driving grandma's Prius. Funny thing with this car is that since it is a Hybrid it doesn't make noise when it is on. Good thing he didn't drop it into "D".
Dancing to "We Did It" ala Dora.
Can you hear me now?? Wearing brother's socks as ear muffs because it grosses mommy out.
Touching Mommy's Laptop......things that will get you in a time out for sure! I'm pretty easy going but touching my buttons PUSHES my buttons!
Can you get over this Vogue pose?? Eat your heart out Madonna!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bite Me, Bus Driver Bob

Or whatever your name is. As if my day couldn't get crappier and I've been fighting back tears all day I had to deal with another insensitive fool that just doesn't get it. Here's how it went:

I see the bus coming down the street, it stops in front of the house. There is a new dude at the wheel.

Logan: Mommy!
Me: Hey sweetie! How was your day??
Bus Driver: Oh, so Logan belongs to you.
Me: Yes. I am the proud mom of this guy
Bus Driver: Logan got yelled at today on the bus
Me: Yelled at? For what?
Bus Driver: I had to stop the bus and yell at him because he stood up on the bus.

(Like this is a death penalty offense!)

Me: (In shock...the last time this happened he had a panic attack and threw up everywhere!)
Bus Driver: He wouldn't even look at me. (Dumb ass, he has autism. He doesn't look at ME!)
Me: Sir, I am not sure if you are aware but Logan has autism and part of the disbility includes an inability to maintain eye contact or to act as if he can't hear you.
Bus Driver: Well, whatever he has. I had to stop the bus and yell at him. I don't care what he has.

So to you, Bus Driver Bob, I say.....BITE ME!

Seriously, look at this little button. I've had it with people today!

Edited to add: He did end up throwing up from nerves. All over the table at a restaurant tonight. Thank you very little Senor Jackass!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today Is WORLD Autism Day!

I am humbled to say that today has been noted as "World Autism Day". Across the globe people are getting the word out that autism really is an epidemic and that it effects millions across the world.

Most of you know that autism has touched our life with Logan. My sweet, smiling Logan. He is 5 now at was officially diagnosed around 2 and a half however I knew something in him changed at around 15 months old. He went from being a gregarious and engaging little soul to fixating on ceiling fans seemingly overnight. What he was gaining in terms of development was lost. I was told by the "smart people" (ie. Dr's) to wait because boys develop later. What did I know? I was a 1st time Mom and only had my instinct to go on.

We started therapy before his diagnosis because we decided to act on instinct instead of the medical mainstream mantra. We started and never looked back and it was the best decision we could have ever made.

Those early days were often dark and seemed bleak. Looking back today, Logan has come so far. I remember the 1st time he said "Mom". I cried so hard to hear his beautiful voice say my name. I promise you that I will never tire of hearing him call my name. It still makes me smile. We have rough patches but we have so much to celebrate and so much to look forward to.

A diagnosis of autism isn't the end. It's just the beginning of a long road. A road filled with triumphs, tears, making new friends that "get it".....a road to life viewed a little differently, through the eyes of someone you love with autism.