Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Week Until The Walk!

I am humbled to announce that our Walk for Autism team is in 1st place! Our little grassroot's team has out-fundraised some big names in the Cleveland autism community. I am so proud!

Please consider making a small donation to our team. Just $5 or $10 dollars makes a difference!

I'm just a little under hitting my personal goal for The Puzzle Pal's team. Help a momma out :)


Ruthanne said...

Gooooo Puzzle Pals!!!!!

I will donate $1 for every picture you post on your blog this week--starting now. (not to exceed $25) lol

Anyone else wanna match that????

(Tara is sending her laptop in to be fixed tomorrow, so I know I'm asking a LOT!)

Jen said...

Tara~ Know that I am thinking of you and your family and wish you all the best in your efforts!

Rhonda said...

Awesome news. Way to go, keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Vanessa said...

I wish you guys the best of luck!!